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Brawler NFT
Each brawler has a set of unique abilities in helping gamers’ overall gameplay to survive. Value of the NFTs increase with the growth of the Brawler’s level and abilities.
PEP (Player v Environment v Player)
Stay alive and be the one first who clears the dungeon among 6 players. Show your skills and survive the exciting battle in this game mode.
Build Your Camp
Your base camp provides enhancements to Brawlers for the coming battles. To make it more valuable, gamers can craft and merge for higher rank. It is an important element that provides additional buffs in helping the gamer to gain advantages over the opponents.
Nurture Your Brawler
Each Brawler has its own unique abilities and characteristic. Brawlers’ value appreciates in tandem with their level and abilities growth. Brawlers’ growth can be done by upgrading consistently to outperform other players. To do so, gamers may train their brawlers by participating in the battles and collecting required ingredients.
Epic Adventure
As one of the explorers of this newly discovered Meta-planet, you must continuously drive deeper into the enemies’ lairs. Defeat bizarre enemies and retrieve new gears, weapons, and resources to equip yourself and expand your base camp.
Boss Challenge
Brawlers who are tasked with finding and killing all Tamer(Boss) that reside in a desolate expanse of land, in the hopes of resurrecting and protecting this Meta-planet.

NFTs Item

Earn your NFTs item by playing the game and sell it on the marketplace to make money

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Play-To-Earn Journey

Brawl Tales is a roguelike action game where you defeat incoming threat with your own unique NFT Brawler.


Unique NFT character come with different skills & talents.

The ultimate universe of
Brawl Tales

With the advent of NFTs in Blockchain converged with the gaming sector which brings the most intrinsic values to the CGC collectible games, especially incorporated with the play-to-earn mechanism..


The ultimate universe of
Brawl Tales



Brawl Tales Gameplay


Brawl Tales Deck

Manage Your Resources

Brawl Tales NFT

What is NFT?

The Crazy Creator of
Brawl Team

The team always plays an important role in the success of a project.
As a team, we have been working with each other for many years, with everyone being highly experienced in their own expertise


Business Strategist

Experienced tech business manager and block chain advisor.


Project General

Experienced tech executive & project manager. She oversees the holistic development and manages the organisation’s mission


Squad Leader

7 years experience in games development. He involves in the strategic expansion and community development


Mad Scientist

The engineering team and is responsible for the technical aspects of the game and blockchain development


Art Lead

The Art Lead. He manage the design concepts and artistic direction of the organization. 


Web Engineer

Multi-talented backend creator. He leveraged on his IT experience and valuable contacts within the corporate world

Nick Lim


The high rank and experience diplomatic official accredited to Brawl Tales. 

Brawl Tales Roadmap

$BRS (Brawltales) Use Case

$BRS is not just a governance Token, it can be spent, it can be staked, it can be your voice, holders through staking earned $BRS and certain farms will be rewarded veBRS (aka vote token),

Brawl Tales Gameplay


In the game, gamers will experience PEP ( Player Versus Environment Versus Player ) modes that come with different gameplay.


In the PEP mode, gamers will play against opponents to survive and clear the dungeon. Each dungeon of battle comes with waves of monsters and a boss fight, the 1st gamer who finishes will get rewards.



In a time of guns and swords, the magical stone that maintains the balance of the world is stolen by high-tech aliens. The world is hanging on a thin thread. Brawl Tales is a roguelike game in which players must square off against bizarre enemies all across the world. The line between the real world and the meta world has become blurred, and the food chain has been completely disrupted.

Build Your Base Camp

To increase the winning possibility, it is better to upgrade your base camp. Gamers can upgrade them by acquiring the required ingredients and blueprint, which can be obtained by winning the battle.

Manage Your Resources

Why enhancement of NFTs is important?

In the gameplay, player need to have a synergetic and effective deck of Brawler and Enhancement that can increase gameplay winning probability for high-rank achievement. Enhancement can be obtain by upgrading your base camp. In order to upgrade, player require to manage in-game resource efficiently 


The Play-to-Earn gamified rewards such as BRS, Brawler, NFTs based on seasonal distribution come from below various gameplay achievements.

• Accomplish daily quests

• Achieve higher ranking of leaderboard

• Special Events

• Esport Tournament

What is NFTs?

Unique BEP-1155 NFT.

In-game Functional NFTs that come with various types, buffs, level and status which are critical for gameplay probability for Play-to-Earn.

Value of NFTs will appreciate along the level, crafting and rarity. NFTs can be traded in the marketplace for players’ requirements.